Ringwood Gold Sweet Corn

Ringwood Gold Sweet Corn
Grown Here on our Farm and Picked Fresh Daily!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Using Facebook Only Now

Happy Summer 2017!

Corn harvest 2017 began last week!  To make things easier, we are no longer posting to this blog, but using FACEBOOK instead.  Please go to our page HERE for the latest updates.

As always, we thank you so much!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Like us on Facebook

Hey, y'all!  We have what looks to be a great crop for 2016!  We hope to start picking soon after the 4th of July!

For updates, please go to our Facebook page: 
Ringwood Gold Sweet Corn

As of now, we will only update the Facebook page.

Call us at 580.548.7658 or 580.883.5950

We hope to see you this summer!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Days of Corn

LAST DAYS of Ringwood Gold Sweet Corn:
Wed, Aug 12 - Enid Atwoods 10:30
Thurs, Aug 13 - Alva Motel 11:00
Fri, Aug 14 - Kingfisher Atwoods 11:00
Sat, Aug 15 - FARM ONLY.
580.883.5950 or 580.548.7658

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Two Weeks!

Here's the lowdown on what the last two weeks of corn looks like:
Friday 7/31 Kingfisher Atwoods 11:00
Saturday 8/1 Enid Atwoods 10:30 and
Owasso Atwoods 11:00
Monday 8/3 - no corn
Tuesday 8/4 Woodward Sale Barn 11:00
Wednesday 8/5 Enid Atwoods 10:30
Thursday 8/6 Beaver Fairgrounds 11:00
Friday 8/7 Kingfisher Atwoods 11:00
Saturday 8/8 Enid Atwoods 10:30
Monday 8/10 Enid Atwoods 10:30
Tuesday 8/11 Woodward Sale Barn 11:00
Wednesday 8/12 Enid Atwoods 10:30
We'll keep you posted on locations beyond 8/12.
***Trying to find a date to visit Alva***
You're welcome to come to the farm to pick up corn as well!
To order: 580.883.5950 or 580.548.7658

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This Week: Blackwell and Owasso also!

Mon 7/27 - Enid Atwoods 10:30
Tues 7/28 - Woodward Sale Barn 11:00
Wed 7/29 - Enid Atwoods 10:30
Thurs 7/30 - Watonga Hutch's 11:00 and
Blackwell 1001 W. Doolin 11:30
Fri 7/31 - Kingfisher Atwoods 11:00
Sat 8/1 - Enid Atwoods 10:30 and
Owasso Atwoods 11:00
We will have lots of corn this week!
To place an order:

 580.883.5950 or 580.548.7658

Monday, July 20, 2015

This Week

This week's schedule:
Tues, 7/21 Woodward Sale Barn 11:00 (no more orders, please)
Wed, 7/22 Enid Atwoods 10:30 (no more orders, please)
Thurs 7/23 Watonga Hutch's 11:00 
Fri 7/24 Kingfisher Atwoods 11:00 (no more orders, please)
Sat 7/25 Enid Atwoods 10:30
In addition to our regular schedule NEXT WEEK, we will add
Blackwell 7/30 and
Owasso 8/1 

580.883.5950 and 580.548.7658

Please leave your name and number when calling.
Thank YOU, friends!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Change of Plan

To our loyal customers, we have a change of plans. The next few pickings are just NOT READY. Rather than sell you subpar corn, we are holding off picking. That means we 
WILL NOT be in WATONGA today (7/16), 
we WILL NOT be in Kingfisher tomorrow (7/17), 
and we WILL NOT be in ENID Monday (7/20).
Once the crop takes off, there will be LOTS of corn, and we expect the season to last till August 8.
If you have an order for July 16 through 20, we will contact you asap to reschedule.
It is our goal to get you the best corn, and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Home 580.883.5950
Cell 580.548.7658
Welcome to Ringwood Gold Sweet Corn! Please check here for cancellations and schedule changes.
Our sales number is 580.548.7658.
Our farm location is:

From Ringwood Junction Highway 412 and 58 - go 4 miles west on 412, 5.5 south, east side.